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Tuesday November 29, 2022

Tuesday, November 29th

Light the candle and pray: Jesus light of the world, shine into our darkness and be our hope!

Pray: Psalm 124

Read: Isaiah 11:1-2

Reflect: Poem by Karina Tinsley

Soot fills my mouth.

My eyes are gritty with the ash that surrounds me.

The walls close in around me.

I am trapped.

In cave filled with the embers of a long-forgotten fire.

Now just the hallow left.

The place the fire was supposed to burn.

The place that was supposed to warm.

I can feel my heart grow cold.

My hands bleed.

My mouth begs for relief that has not come.

Will this be the end?

Will I lay here until my soul is taken?

Will my body ever feel rest, warmth, or satisfaction again?

Hope tangles through every lost promise.

Was it just a mocking joke?

Was it truth that lost?

One drop is all I long for.

One bit of relief.

Will you show up for me?

Even here, where all goes to perish?

I hear your distant call and I try to answer.

I raise my hand for you but cannot move.

Do I even deserve the comfort?

You stay there.


Always waiting.

Burning through the darkness.

Pulling me back.

Hope is your promise, not mine.

Hope is your light, not mine.

Hope is you, not me.

Embers are all you need to fulfill.


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