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Thursday December 17, 2020

Light a candle and pray: Jesus light of the world shine into our darkness and be our Joy!

Pray Psalm 49:12-20

Read John 3:22-30

Contemplate Almsgiving:

At Grace and Mercy Church we believe it is better to give than receive. Each month we support different ministries both locally and throughout the world. This year our main charity was Living Water International. We started the year by setting up a change jar and collecting loose change, we also talked about clean water three times for The Thrill of Hope. We raised $303.41 in change and $1,800.00 for our The Thrill of Hope for a total of $2,103.41 donated to Living Water International this year. With this gift we get to join in with what God is doing through Living Water International!

Please contemplate giving this season. Pray that the Holy Spirit will put a organization on your mind to support. Spend some time in silence and listening.

Listen to/sing:

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