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Monday November 28, 2022

Monday, November 28th

Light the candle and pray: Jesus light of the world, shine into our darkness and be our hope!

Pray: Psalm 124

Read: Mark 1:2-3


Blackbird in Fulham

A John the Baptist bird which comes before

The light, chooses an aerial

Toothed like a garden rake, puts a prong at each shoulder,

Opens its beak and becomes a thurifer

Blessing dark above dank holes between the houses,

Sleek patios or rag-and-weed-choked messes.

Too aboriginal to notice these,

Its concentration is on resonance

Which excavates in sleepers memories

Long overgrown or expensively paved-over,

Of innocence unmawkish, love robust.

Its sole belief, that light will come at last.

The point is proved and, casual, it flies elsewhere

To sing more distantly, as though its tune

Is left behind imprinted on the air,

Still legible, though this the second carbon.

And puzzled wakers lie and listen hard

To something moving in their minds’ backyard.

P J Kavanagh


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