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Sunday November 29, 2020

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Today's reflection is the hope box.

Advent 2020 Hope Box:

The hope box is a great way to review our hopes and praise Jesus and let Him build our hopes.

If you have done Hope Box in the past, open your hope box and read your hopes. See what Jesus has done this past year. If God has seen your hope fulfilled then praise Him for those. If you are still waiting, put it back in the box and ask God to continue to work. If there are hopes you had last year that you don't have this year feel free to toss them out. Over the years you will have hopes that keep getting put into the box and ones that God has met. Keep the box from year to year and see how God fulfills the hopes of His people through the years.

If you have never done a hope box start this year:

Find a box.

Write down your hopes for this next year. Even thought this is done with prayer, we can hope for anything. It can be spiritual needs, physical needs, material needs or it can be hopes for our world or nation or personally.

Once you've written your hopes down place them in the box and wrap the box and let it wait until next year. Make sure to write on your calendar to open it this next year.

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